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Rolko Kohlgrüber GmbH is a subsidiary of the INDUS Holding AG and a leading global manufacturer and supplier of rehabilitation accessories as well as wheelchair accessories and industrial goods. With strategic locations in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and its own production site in China, the company ensures reliable advice, support and fast delivery in more than 40 countries around the world.


Our aim is to actively support the growing mobility needs in the global population, thanks to the increased age structure of demographic change, with innovative, quality products. International brand manufacturers and specialist retailers, rely on our extensive delivery programme. This includes castors, wheels, accessories and aids for wheelchairs and walkers, as well as medical technology products such as innovative stand-up aids, indexing plungers, foam parts and other accessories for hospital and care beds.


With advanced wheel solutions, reliable transport castors and high-grade tyres, we are at the disposal of manufacturers and specialist dealers in the industrial sector, for example, in the field of strollers, children's vehicles, agriculture machines, bicycle wholesale and boat trailers.


Discover the history of Rolko in our promotional film as well as on the following pages, where you can get to know our team and receive an overview of our versatile product portfolio. Partnership, customer satisfaction and the highest level of service are always our focus.

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