Construction & Design

In addition to a broad spectrum of standard products with comprehensive solutions, Rolko also offers tailor-made, customer-specific components for the rehabilitation and industry markets. With state-of-the-art CAD workstations (SolidWorks), we bring know-how, competence and experience together.

In addition, Rolko customers are supported in the sustainable development and realisation of their own ideas, or Rolko adapts an already available product according to specific requirements from customers. 

In the end, our customers receive a tested and reliable quality product, engineered and designed in Germany.

Product Design

Our designers create concepts and subsequently design innovative tailor-made products, according to the very own wishes of our demanding customers.

Product Development

A permanent product development, as well as a wide range of options, ensure a fast market launch. A short path between a product idea and a marketable product means for our customers a great advantage over their competition.

Product Optimisation

Customer requirements, innovative strength and continuous improvement of the function/quality standards of Rolko products have absolute priority at our company. That is why we continually invest in new products, technologies and expertise.

FEM Calculation

In a FEM (finite element method) calculation, several analysis are implemented, like complex structure analyses, simulation of structural stability and also examination of loads, to which the assemblies are exposed. The main goal of a FEM calculation during the product development is the early detection of weak points and the increase of material efficiency before the prototype production, which results in a cost-effective production.