Production in Asia

The main production plant of Rolko in Xiamen, China
Production Plant

Rolko Xiamen is our modern production and manufacturing facility with an area of 9,500m², as well as the Sourcing Portal for many other products and production services throughout Asia. Our production site in South China is located in a highly developed area with excellent infrastructure. The quality assurance and quality control is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Through an optimised price-performance ratio and highly efficient direct deliveries around the world, Rolko guarantees a long-term competitive advantage for customers worldwide
Site Policy

Worldwide trade. Opening up new markets. Using customer proximity. Rising mobility is being demanded globally of international markets by the demographic change in the population. The local presence makes our plant in China a sustainable added value in the Asian market. Through an optimised price-performance ratio and highly efficient direct deliveries around the world, we guarantee a long-term competitive advantage for our customers worldwide.


Production Technologies


Tools/mould making & assembly

  • Aluminium and plastic injection moulds

  • 3D printing, rapid prototyping

  • Punching tools/device construction

  • Polyurethane and rubber moulds

  • Semi-automatic lancing of wheels

  • Small series to large scale production

  • Assembly of the modules up to the packaged end product

Polyurethane products and rubber processing

  • PU integral and casting part-production

  • Full rubber/vulcanisation


Plastics technology

  • Injection moulding

  • Pressing

  • Ultrasonic welding


 Metal processing

  • CNC milling/ bending technology/3D pipe bending

  • Laser, turning, drilling, punching, forging

  • Die casting

  • Automated cutting

  • Welding (steel, stainless steel, aluminium)

  • Aluminium extrusion/thermoforming/injection moulding/profiles


Surface finishing

  • Powder coating/sandblasting

  • Lacquering/anodizing/galvanising/chromating/cathodic

  • Sliding/troweling

  • Heat treatment/curing



  • Sewing/cutting

  • Ultra sonic welding/bonding

  • Global presence: Rolko delivers to more than 40 countries

  • Effective direct deliveries in the container/general cargo area

  • Strategic material procurement

  • Just-in-time deliveries

  • Flexible shipping control/delivery terms

  • Individual product packaging

  • Warehousing for call order processing

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