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Production in Europe

Der Hauptstandort und die Zentrallager von Rolko Kohlgrüber GmbH in Borgholzhausen, Deutschland
Headquarters and Central Warehouse Borgholzhausen

With our European central warehouse in Borgholzhausen, Germany we are able to meet customer requirements quickly, flexibly and efficiently. Our customers benefit from short delivery times and low procurement costs thanks to a strong and reliable logistics organisation. A large part of our flexible final assembly in Germany takes place in workshops for people with disabilities in the immediate vicinity.

In this way, we ensure mobility for people with disabilities. In this way, they are specifically included in the manufacturing processes.

Mobility has always played a central role for mankind. It means freedom, independence and participation in social life. This is all the more true for people whose mobility is restricted.

The approximately 250 employees in the workshops work with great dedication on the production of components. Under supervision, assembly work is carried out on wheels, sewing work on raising handles for hospital beds and on positioning belts for rehabilitation equipment, as well as packaging work.

Social commitment and local responsibility is of great importance to us, which is why we are an important supporter of disabled sports in our region.

Rolko besitzt ein weltweites Netzwerk für Einkaufslogistik
Global Procurement Strategy

Rolko cooperates sustainably with a broad network of competent procurement partners in Europe and Asia. The integration into our procurement management ensures that we can optimally respond to the customer’s needs through experience and the range of services.

Production Technologies


Tools/mould making & assembly

  • Aluminium and plastic injection moulds

  • 3D printing, screen printing, rapid prototyping

  • Punching tools/device construction

  • Polyurethane and rubber moulds

  • Semi-automatic tyre filling system

  • Small series to large scale production

  • Assembly of the modules up to the packaged end product

Polyurethane products and rubber processing

  • PU integral and casting part-production

  • Solid rubber/vulcanisation


 Plastics technology

  • Injection moulding

  • Deep-drawing

  • Ultrasonic welding


Metal processing

  • CNC milling

  • Laser, turning, drilling, punching, forging

  • Die casting

  • Automated cutting

  • Welding (steel, stainless steel, aluminium)

  • Aluminium extrusion/thermoforming/injection moulding/profiles


Surface finishing

  • Powder coating/sandblasting

  • Lacquering/anodizing/galvanising/chromating/cathodic

  • Slide grinding/troweling

  • Heat treatment/hardening


  • Sewing/cutting

  • Ultra sonic welding/bonding

Unsere Logistikstandards: Mit einem Produktportfolio bestehend aus mehr als 13.000 Artikeln beliefert Rolko Kunden der Reha- und Industriebranche in mehr als 40 Ländern
Modern Logistics
  • Global presence: Rolko delivers to more than 80 countries

  • Comprehensive product portfolio

  • Modern high-storage area

  • Supply security by means of goods storage/retrieval business

  • Fast delivery times through dynamic shipping logistics

  • Just-in-time/Kanban delivery

  • Individual product packaging

  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified

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