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Products for the Industry and Trade

With a wide range of products, we supply well-known manufacturers and in various industrial sectors, such as children's vehicles/toys, mechanical engineering, shop fitting, conveyor technology, transport equipment, sports equipment, cleaning equipment, agricultural machinery and furniture industry. Here you can find a detailed overview of our product assortment, our individual project management and the performance advantages offered with Rolko as a supplier.

Offers and Services


In our webshop you will find a clear presentation of our products with descriptions, photos, technical data and much more.

Offers & Service

Learn more about our offers and service for the industry and trade market.

Rolko-Webshop Industry + Trade
Industry + Trade
Couldn't find the required product in our catalogue? Please contact us - we always have the proper solution for your product needs.

Customised Product Solutions


In addition to a wide range of standard products, Rolko also offers tailor-made product solutions for the industrial market.

Tyres in Accordance with PAH Guidelines: we offer tyre solutions that meet the limits for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) according to the AfPS GS 2014 specifications

Tyres in Accordance with PAH Guidelines


To meet the needs of our customers, end users and our responsability towards the environment, we offer tyre solutions that meet the limits for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) according to the AfPS GS 2014 specifications, e.g. for the children's vehicle and toy industry.

RolkoSMART - Universal Tyre Filling Systerm - we make your pneumatic tyres 100% puncture-proof!
RolkoSMART Tyre filling

Universal Tyre Filling


With our RolkoSMART tyre filling made of soft-elastic polyurethane foam, we make your wheels 100% puncture-proof.


To do so, Rolko uses a professional semi-automatic tyre filling system to ensure an efficient and reliable filling.

Learn more about it here.

Automatic Disposition Overview


For a transparent business transaction, you can request a regularly data collection by e-mail, either weekly or monthly,

with the following information:

  • Complete order and retrieval presentation

  • Delivery date and order detail overview

  • Open invoice items


To sign-up please click here.

Shipping Confirmation by E-mail


Directly after your order has been issued, you will receive the following shipment data from us by email:

  • Item name and quantities

  • Order no. and purchaser

  • Delivery address and commission

To sign-up please click here.

Do you have a tracking code? Then please visit the website of our delivery partners to know where your shipment is:

Additional Services


  • Innovative product development for tailor-made solutions.

  • Prototyping / 3D printing with Laser Metal Fusion (LMF).


  • Cost-effective production as well as low-priced volume procurement in the container and general cargo sector.


  • We offer a customer-exclusive product processing.


  • Effective small-to-large-scale production to meet your optimum needs.


  • Reliable supply thanks to a high availability of goods in our modern high-rack storage area of 7,800 m² at our central warehouse in Borgholzhausen, Germany.


  • Friendly advice, including fast order processing by qualified personnel.



  • Rolko is a FDA registered business.

  • EDI connection / E-Invoicing.

Additional Services
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