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EuroTier 2022: Thank You!

Rolko booth at the EuroTier 2022

During the fair EuroTier 2022, more than 100,000 visitors from 141 countries obtained information from 1,800 exhibitors from over 55 countries worldwide, including us with our first physical participation in the trade fair.

The EuroTier takes place in Hanover, Germany and is the world's leading trade fair for professional animal husbandry as well as livestock management. With a focus on our puncture-proof solutions for wheels, castors, casters and tyres, we were more than pleased to welcome visitors not only from Germany but also from many other countries, such as the Netherlands, Italy, Lebanon and Great Britain to our trade fair booth.

We thank all visitors for the informative conversations and the interest in our mobility products and solutions.

See the final trade fair report here.


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