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String Bags for the Wheelchair

The string bag is an indispensable companion for wheelchair or walker users. When looking for a storage option, this is a cheap solution.

Rolko String bags for wheelchairs
string bag with an opaque inner bag

Our range has two types of shopping networks. On the one hand, the classic string bag, where you can safely carry your shopping or other things around the network while shopping or walking.

And on the other hand, a string bag with an opaque lining. So even smaller things are safe and nothing can be lost through the mesh of the net.

With the help of the loops and the practical elastic band, the respective nets can be securely attached to the push handles of the wheelchair or the walker and quickly removed again as required.

Item no.:

string Bag with opaque inner bag: NETZ-1-S-B

string Bag without opaque inner bag: NETZ-1-S


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