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Designed wheelchair spoke guards

One of the most remarkable parts of a wheelchair are the spoke wheels. Why not give your wheelchair a colourful touch of personality, keeping your fingers out of danger?

We currently offer five spoke guard designs: Red Gorilla, Soccer, Cute Kitten, Black Magma and Florals. Do you already have your own print template, e.g. with company logo? No problem at all, we also print spoke guards with customer layout. On request, we gladly provide you with drafts incl. dimensions of our spoke guards so that you or your ad agency design your print template. Just contact us for more information!


  • Available in 22“ and 24“, access hole in the centre 150 mm

  • Made of solid and durable polycarbonat, thickness 1 - 1,5 mm

  • Scratch-resistant due to the laminated backside print

  • Easy assembly, attachment material included (clips)

Customized spoke guard gorilla theme
Customized spoke guard with soccer theme

Customized spoke guard with kitten theme

Customized spoke guard with florals theme

Customized spoke guard with magma theme


22": SP-TR-570L4/6-GORILLA

24": SP-TR-620L4/6-GORILLA


22": SP-TR-570L4/6-SOCCER

24": SP-TR-620L4/6-SOCCER


22": SP-TR-570L4/6-KITTEN

24": SP-TR-620L4/6-KITTEN


22": SP-TR-570L4/6-FLORALS 24": SP-TR-620L4/6-FLORALS


22": SP-TR-570L4/6-MAGMA 24": SP-TR-620L4/6-MAGMA

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