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We are optimising our warehouse for you!

In order to be able to meet the wishes of our customers in increasingly streamlined and flexible logistical processes with increasing order volumes, we have invested in a new warehouse software and a new high-quality storage system. Our entire warehouse has been redesigned. We started back in 2022 with the implementation of four modern storage lifts tailored to our needs.

This was followed by further investments in new storage racking systems to increase our storage space and shorten and make picking routes clearer. With a hall height of 6 to 9 m, we have a total storage area of 6.142 m² with 5.376 pallet spaces and approx. 250.000 bookings per year. With this, and also through a now complete digitalisation, we can increase our capacity and also increase the operational speed of our processes.

The launch of the new storage system is planned for November 2023. The transformation of our warehouse affects all processes in our company. We've been working hard to make the transition smooth, but as with any new system, there may be teething problems. For this reason, we ask you to include this in your disposition. We recommend that you order items that you need in November in advance.


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