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Optimisation of our Central Warehouse

A lot is happening behind the scenes at our company headquarters here in Borgholzhausen, Germany. As part of an optimisation of our central warehouse in Germany, we have purchased and implemented four modern storage lifts so that we are able to use our existing storage capacity more efficiently and also increase the commissioning speed noticeably.

The four storage lifts are individually configured according to our needs. In addition, the storage lift software offers a modern and intuitive user interface as well as a port to our ERP system. Our warehouse size is approximately 5,300 m² and due to the implementation of the LOGIMAT lifts from SSI Schäfer, a storage area of ​​almost 500 m² was created from a partial area of ​​56 m² in our warehouse.

The goods-to-person principle made an even safer as well as more comfortable and ergonomic workplace for our picking and shipping employees.

The optimisation of our central warehouse will continue in the course of this year.

We will keep you up to date.



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