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Premium Air Seat Cushion Rolko-AIRpad

The cushion can be used in a wheelchair and for other seating matters. The seating comfort will be optimized in two ways. On the one hand it has a beneficial effect on the user and on the other hand a positive, medical effect. The gluteal muscles are relieved and sitting is possible without pain and pressure points.

Rolko Air pad

Decubitus is a well-known problem in care, which is why the Rolko-AIRpad was designed. It is suitable for Decubitus prophylaxis as well therapy up to grade II. The Rolko-AIRpad consists of a self-inflating air chamber and visco-elastic foam.

Air cushion with standard cover Rolko Air Pad
Air cushion with standard cover

By means of the valve, the air in the Rolko-AIRpad can be individually filled and regulated in order to ergonomically distribute the user's weight (up to max. 150 kg).

Air cushion with incontinence cover Rolko Air pad
Air cushion with incontinence cover

The air cushion covers are equipped with a zipper so one can change and wash the standard cover. For even more protection, our waterproof incontinence cover is ideal for the Rolko-AIRpad.


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