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Air Seat Cushion Rolko-AIRpad

Rolko Air pad

Our air seat cushions are made of a visco-elastic foam containing an air chamber with a valve that regulates the amount of air in the cushions and thus ensuring a high seating comfort as well as an optimal distribution of the user's weight. Ideal for wheelchairs but also for other seating positions.

In addition, the Rolko-AIRpad air seat cushions are suitable for decubitus prophylaxis and decubitus therapy up to grade II, according to EPUAP.

We also offer waterproof incontinence covers for our air seat cushions. Both the standard covers and the incontinence covers are removable and washable.

Max. load capacity: 150 kg.

Air cushion with standard cove
Air cushion with standard cover
Air cushion with incontinence cover
Air cushion with incontinence cover


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