PROTEKTOR: Rollator Umbrella

Do you already know our umbrella for rollators?

The PROTEKTOR provides optimal protection against rain and sun while leaving both hands free to push the rollator.

It has an individual height adjustment, a practical automatic opening and two articulated joints, which allow many adjustment options. In addition, the rollator umbrella is windproof due to the overlapping fabric construction.

Our umbrella is also suitable for common wheelchairs.

The PROTEKTOR is easy to assemble and disassemble, furthermore it has a mounting set for common rollators and wheelchairs with round tube (Ø 18 - 25 mm) or oval tube up to 60 mm. The umbrella diameter is 1,000 mm. Available in three different fabric colours and more recently, as a new version with reflective stripes.

red/ standard yellow-grey/ standard brown-green/ standard

red/ reflex yellow-grey/ reflex brown-green/ reflex

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