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Rollator Umbrella - PROTEKTOR

The PROTEKTOR Rollator Umbrella offers an optimal protection against rain and sun, while leaving both hands free to push the rollator, height adjustable, user-friendly automatic opening, windproof due to overlapping fabric construction, easy to attach and to remove from the rollator, including mounting kit for common rollators with round tube (Ø 18 - 25 mm) or oval tube up to 60 mm, umbrella diameter: 1.000 mm, available in 2 versions: with or without reflector stripes.

With reflector stripes for more safety

Additional mounting kit

Additional Mounting Kit

For a second medical aid, e.g. a wheelchair, delivery scope: 90° angle support with clamps (Ø 18 - 25 mm), incl. wedge clamps, screws, Allen wrench and star grip.

Item No. HA-SCH-BEF-90

Additional Mounting Kit
for oval pipe to 60 mm
Additional Mounting Kit
for round pipe Ø 18-25


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