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Video Tutorial: Arm Support System HEMI

Our modular arm support system HEMI consists of five polyurethane parts and one swivel arm, which can be individually combined with each other, offering the best comfort for wheelchair users. Due to the 360 ° swivel arm and the special shape of the polyurethane parts, our arm support system is particularly suitable for wheelchair users with half-sided paralysis.

In the video below, we show you how to assemble a possible arm support combination and how to attach it to a wheelchair using our swivel arm.

Item no.

Forearm rest: PU-HEMI-1-S

Extension piece: PU-HEMI-4-S

Standard hand rest : PU-HEMI-2

Anatomical hand rest (left): PU-HEMI-3L-S

Anatomical hand rest (right): PU-HEMI-3L-R

360° swivel arm: U-BEF-HEMI-P

Fore more information and technical data about this product please consult our catalogues. If you have any questions regarding this or other products from our company please contact us.


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